Breathe Life into an Old Room with some New Wallpaper

Wallpaper blog image

Wallpaper is no longer the daggy, outdated cousin that it once was in the 1960’s. Wallpaper has seen a fabulous and vibrant resurgence, and we are in LOVE with some of the amazing choices for kids bedrooms.

Wallpaper is a fabulous way to revamp your kids bedroom or playroom, without the expense or mess of paint. And unlike a tattoo, thanks to the new and improved removable wallpaper, when you are no longer in love with it, it is super easy to remove!

Wallpaper adds colour, texture and originality to a room and there are just so many to choose from. You can’t go past Just Kids Wallpaper , they stock some beautiful local, Scandinavian and European designers.  I could spend hours trawling through all the beautiful products!  Depending on the the style that you choose, you’ll be looking at an investment of between $250-600 to do a wall in a kids bedroom.  This website has an excellent “wallpaper calculator” that you just put the dimensions of your wall and it will tell you the total cost.

Don’t forget the perfect companion for any of these stylish wallpapers is some unique pieces from none other than Talo Interiors!