Camomile London

The Camomile London collection is about effortless, stylish bedding created for the design conscious parents, looking to create a unique approach to their child’s bedroom interiors. The collection comprises of cot quilts, bumpers, sleeping bags, hand crochet blankets, thick hand quilted blankets, duvet covers and pillow cases in beautifully distinct prints and boldly colourful tones. Designed to allow endless combinations that mix and match by using only a few pieces.

Designed in London and lovingly hand crafted by Artisans in India and the UK using 100% organic cotton and soft muslins, every Camomile London piece is functional, unique and of exceptional quality. Taking inspiration from all around the World, the London based duo, Helen and Daniela Boleto, embraced the style and simplicity of Scandinavian living, the delicate touches of Japanese block prints and charm of vintage pieces.

By sitting distinctive colour palettes along side nostalgic prints and contemporary detailing, Camomile London has created a unique and exciting collection of home furnishings.

The attention to detail in every product is what makes it so special. From the delicate hand stitch 4 crosses that create the Camomile London Logo to the contrast colour hand stitch edging on the quilted blankets. Each piece is designed and made to be lovingly cared for and stand the test of time.