Heico Lamps – New exciting colours


We are excited to introduce some fabulous new colour ways for the popular Heico Toadstool lamp.  Good on Heico for having their finger on the pulse and releasing the very now colours of black (think monochrome), Gold (metallic all the way!) and the classic yellow (beautiful with pinks, greys and mints).

The lamps are made from the usual high quality materials and the finish is just divine, each lamp has an individual handmade feel. The lamps have been around for years but it is still hard to find a kids lamp to top these!  They are timeless and  are the perfect finish for beautifully styled girls and boys bedrooms.  They give off a subtle glow of light so are ideal for keeping on all night to keep your little one’s feeling safe and secure as they sleep.

You can see our entire range of Heico Lamps here.