Kids Sharing a Bedroom

Sharing a room blog


Did anyone share a room with their sibling when they were younger?!  Chatting all hours of the night, masking tape on the floor to mark out your territory, climbing into each others bed for a cuddle, and of course the sibling rivalry…..bringing back some memories?!

When it comes to decorating your kids bedroom, if they are sharing, options will depend on if they are the same sex or not.  If you have a boy and girl sharing, you can either stick with a neural or monochrome palate (see picture above) or if you want a splash of colour, yellows, reds, green and oranges are gorgeous gender friendly options.

Being clever with space and storage is key when sharing a room too.  Under the bed storage is great, which can be in the form of a built in drawer or else smart looking storage containers (see our Varpunen Sacks and Mushkane baskets).  Wall mounted bookshelves are a great idea as well.  And if you have the room, a gorgeous window box seat that doubles as a lift up storage box is a fabulous idea.

Decorating for two can be challenging but with a few smart choices it can be double the fun and double the interior design feature when you’re done!  Feel free to ask us for any kids bedroom advice, we’re happy to help.