Mimi’lou – new in store!


We were super excited when a big box arrived on our doorstep last week (a late present from Santa?!) and inside was our much awaited order from France.  Mimi’lou is a gorgeous French designer who likes to inspire inspiration and play with her quirky and imaginative designs.

We are particularly in love with her wall stickers, they are so different to others that we have seen.  The world map is such a clever idea and educational for your kids as well!  Each country has it’s own sticker and even includes famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera house and the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Lastly the gorgeous sacks have arrived (see the beautiful image on our website with the pineapple).  These are fantastic for storing all the little bits that you need to keep together (think – lego, cars, dolls, pencils, jigsaw puzzle pieces), or is fabulous as a library bag or small backpack.