Mini Me



It’s wonderful as a mum to find a fresh new resource with some exciting ideas for things to do with your little tacker! So I was super excited to stumble across this gorgeous book “Mini Me” at my local cafe (which also happens to feature in the book).  Mini Me has a Melbourne and Sydney version so far….watch this space!

The book showcases fun places for parents and kids 0-5 years to play, shop and eat.

Inspired by mum Michelle Bennett who wanted to reinforce all of the fun and positive’s of being a mum, including exploring heaps of fun places in Melbourne & Sydney and reliving your own childhood while doing it!

It has some really awesome suggestions for parks, eateries, gardens and the like, many of which I had never heard of (despite having lived in Melbourne for 36 years!)

Definitely recommend picking up a copy and do something a bit different and exciting with your little one this weekend! Click here for your copy of Mini Me.