New Blog love – Cinnamon Lane

Cinnamon Lane

We recently came across a fabulous new lifestyle blog for stylish mums (right up our alley!) called Cinnamon Lane. Full of inspirational goodies for mums, product finds, tips and things to do with your family. Not to forget the recipes for us foodies! They also blog about pursuits independent of motherhood, which is great. It’s always nice for us mums to have a little glimpse out of the ‘motherhood bubble’ into the outside world. Curated by the ‘2 Elizabeths’ – Elizabeth Campbell and Elizabeth Harris, they have been great friends for over 20 years and offer a balanced view on modern family life. They share similar ideals – harmonising motherhood and career driven/fashion conscious/culturally aware individual. We secretly love this about them. The girls regularly update their blog and there are little bits of everything that will inspire. It does for us! Make sure you get involved in the community at Cinnamon Lane