OYOY is here!

OYOY has landed at Talo

We’re so excited to announce OYOY has joined the Talo family!

OYOY Living Design is a relatively young Danish company, however Lotte Fynboe (founder) has carved out a niche market creating a brand that feels established in its own right. Focussing on design, function, colours, and exquisite materials, each piece is beautifully made and a much sought after collection for your home.

OYOY products are inspired by the classic Scandinavian design with a twist of Japanese sophistication. This is just perfection in our eyes!! One day we hope to have the full range, but as our current focus is on kids interiors, we have selected our favourite pieces for you to choose from.

A contemporary and cute collection created for kids and playful souls!

Browse Lotte’s amazing range here.