Founded in 2012 by Lotte Fynboe, OYOY Living Design is a Danish company that creates beautiful decor products with a focus on design, function, colours and exquisite materials.

The OYOY name is inspired by the letters ‘OY’ which are found on every Danish aeroplane, symbolising they are a Danish company.

OYOY products are inspired by the classic Scandinavian designs, undertones of simplicity and a twist of Japanese design. Shapes, graphics, colour and clean materials inspire Lotte with her motto “Less is More”. A lot of the products are redesigns of her Childhood memories.

In 2014, Lotte added to the OYOY collection a new MINI range. A contemporary and cute collection created for kids and playful souls. 

We stock a beautiful range of childrens home decor and interiors from OYOY. View Lotte’s stunning OYOY MINI Collection


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