Seventy Tree Prints land at Talo

Rad_Seventy Tree_Talo Interiors

UK Illustrator, Kerry Layton, started Seventy Tree prints in 2010 – with very pleasing results!  We stumbled across these striking prints and just couldn’t say no to having them in our shop!

Kerry uses a combination of pen, pencil and computer illustration to create these striking and unique kids prints.  They really are very beautiful in their simplicity.  We love her choice of bright colours in the Bright Hearts print and equally we love the gorgeous pastels she has chosen in her Circles Print.  But most of all we fell completely in love with her ultra cool use of some catchy little sayings as in the Rad and Nice Things Print.  These are just a little bit edgy and will be a cool addition to your kids bedroom, especially loved by the bigger kids already in beds and those tricky to please teenagers!

All prints are printed on high quality 250gsm paper and are sent in individual poster tubes.

Each print is 30 x 40cm so will make the perfect statement piece for your kids bedroom!  They have been hugely popular already so be sure to check them out here before they all run out the door! Seventy Tree Prints.