Summer time


We’re not sure if this Melbourne weather can technically be considered summer so far….but we are ever positive that it will improve and are excited at all the summery things that lay ahead!  Particularly with young kids, there are so many fabulous things to love about summer….we took a trip down memory lane and recalled the stand outs for us….

The sound of cicadas chatting at night time; Mr Whippy announcing his arrival, with that cute little tune, in your street or at the park; digging enormous trenches at the beach and burying yourself (or your siblings in them); jumping about in the waves and occasionally getting dumped (not so fun!); sitting in the hot sun licking a Sunny Boy and being sure not to lose any of that precious juice at the bottom; camping with the family and finding that remote and untouched spot; backyard cricket (fighting over who will bat first!); doing laps of the backyard weaving in and out of the water from the sprinkler….and of course the month long anticipation of Santa’s arrival (had we been good enough??!!)

What’s not to love?  We hope everyone has an amazing summer!