Talo Giveaway – Miffy Lamp

We don’t know about you, but we sure are excited about the pending arrival of the original Miffy Lamp on Australian soil.  It’s been long anticipated but she is due to land in October this year.

In preparation for her arrival we decided to give one of our fantastic Instagram followers a chance to win their very own Miffy Lamp.  They are beautifully crafted using quality materials and hand finished so that each piece is slightly unique.  All of the competition details are below, so if you haven’t entered (or aren’t already on Instagram), you have until 24 August to get on there and enter!

My daughter has her eye on one of the Miffy lamps for herself and lucky for her, I, not so secretly, want one as well!  I was a huge fan of Dick Bruna’s Miffy books growing up and would have loved one of these as a little girl. They are fantastic as a bedside table lamp and there is an XL size that is wonderful for use on the floor, I’ve eyed off the perfect space in our playroom! And because she is white she is just so easy to slip in with any of your already existing decor!

You can pre-order your own Miffy now by clicking here or get on to Instagram for your chance to win! Good luck 🙂