Top Tips to Decorate your Teens Room



As your child grows up, so does their independence and desire to make decisions on their own. Unfortunately, this will also cross over into their bedroom decor, so we’ve come up with some tips to help steer you (and them!) in the right direction:

  • Avoid any permanent garish mistakes – ie. painting walls in purple (or any other non neutral colour!)
  • Ensure the big staple pieces i.e. beds, desks, bookshelves, etc, are in neutral colours such as natural wood, white, black and greys
  • Encourage teenagers to express their personality through smaller (and removable / replaceable) pieces such as wallstickers, wallpaper, cushions, throws, etc.
  • Buy a big pinboard for the wall that can be a place for your teenager to express themselves and their hobbies.   This way they can contain all their sporting, music, hollywood memorabilia, etc in the one space.
  • You will need a desk and shelving unit (built in is ideal) to store all their cherished items such as their PC, Music system, books
  • Use beautiful storage options such as our Varpunen sacks to store all those other bits and pieces and hide away any dirty clothes, sporting gear, etc

Clockwise from top:
1.Lab. doona . 2. Varpunen VV. 3. Luckyboysunday blanket. 4. Cage light, Snowplough. 5. La Cerise Clic pillow.