Our Top 3 Kids Beds

A bed is a big investment for your kids bedroom! You want something that will last a long time (good quality), has a classic design, and one that will withstand pile-ons and pillow fights! But with this all said, you really want something that looks amazing. There are so many different styles to choose from, but we tend to favour the sleek simplicity of the Scandinavian design-inspired kids beds. It’s the natural grain of the wood that we love. We are also partial to the stylish linen covered bedhead can be custom designed to suit any colourway, yet it’s still classic and simple. Here are our top 3 beds (in no particular order).

1. www.oeufnyc.com

2. www.plyroom.com.au

3. www.heatherlydesign.com.au

0euf bunk bed


Linen bedhead with stitch-detail